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Open letter to Sony: SCEA

Well Sony, i will treat you like an individual or person (to make ir more easy to read) but you are a big enterprise ergo a Big boy.
I know im a number on your design board.

But you know what? :
I will remark what i’ve done for you as a buyer and what you do for me as company.

1) Buy your system, to then have OtherOS option removed.

I can relate to that, i can feel that you was afraid of the option of installing an open source SO was annoying to you.
Hence you was *harmed* by that open source, and then what did you do?.
Close your doors and not anyone to enter your *world*.

2) Get *fresh* titltes to play in PSN.

At first i was happy to play with online with my friends and almost forgot the option that you removed because you wanted so. (I respect that).
But then PSN was hacked back on 2011, since then i can trust you anymore.
Im not angry, im just disappointed by the fact that private data saw the light and get in hands of users with dubious intententions.

In fact hence what happened i was *naive* enought to keep using PSN.

3) Get nice new content on my PS3 browsing in PS3 Store.

Shame that i don’t live in US or UK to get access to the nice features that PSN has.
It’s a shame too that not even a decent browser was placed and in can’t even see the youtube videos that i love in HQ.

4) I even bought more original games.

With the sad story, that the franchises that you have are getting more *slim* as the time passes.
I am missing something or it seems that you are blind, but not like that lady with the scale. Just blind by your own means, you don’t want to see.

5) Homebrews.

Why i can’t have them?, you allow dongles like TRUE-BLUE that condones piracy and still i see nothing happened to them.
But instead you shutdown with your TOS among other things any possibility to run Homebrews with a lame reason that Homebrews are piracy and you being silent i take that dongles don’t.

6) Secure, Insecurity.

If you are so insecure, don’t make me feel that way too. Since i know you have flaws (many to count them) but i will be a bad friend if i tell them all.
I can keep secrets, seems that you don’t know how to do it.
Your IMPERATIVE updates are for secure yourself, not to secure my privacy/data/saves/trophys/psn games/etc.

This is how i feel about you:
You being blinded by some reason that i don’t care but still i buy your products.
You even don’t let my install my ORIGINAL backups on the hardrive. (like microsoft has that option).

You are being rude, and stubborn.
But i love you.
And i always love you, because you gave so many material to play with and then removed it, restricted, and censored it because you wanted that way.

Im not mad, but i don’t fully understand you.

Sincerily yours.

A PS3 User.




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