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[Editorial] PC Master race vs Next-gen consoles: Both are a f$@!$ lie.

I saw many people upgrading their rigs with some expensive hardware parts, such as = VGA (Video cards) and PSU’s to keep with those electricity consuming bastards. Same goes with CPU’s specially AMD FX which those consume 125w to 200w with the Vishera 9320 and memory sticks up to 16gb or even more.

Personally i did an upgrade but only CPU and a VGA, thus from my understanding if you are preparing for a *World war 3 of gaming* you don’t need that much. Specially when game catalogue is more poor than Vita.

So let’s dissect some several logical reasons why PC gamers are expending huge bucks on their gaming rigs and why some just simple decided to switch to next-gen consoles.

PC gaming:

This year was and still is the most scarce one in gaming material, 2 *titans* appear with their new products = *next-gen* and they made virtual revolution.
As a PC gamer more than a console one, i felt that i was falling behind with my almost 3 years old hardware. So i thought to myself and decided to upgrade what i could and leave the rest for a near future.
When i started to make some *numbers*, suddenly realized that several people who are currently following that wagon of being a “marketing whore”, decided to bet even higher not in changing several parts for upgrade but build something new. Funny fact, that building a high-end PC for gaming purposes is way too expensive and for that price you could get a PS4 or Xbox-One or both.

Then you have a constant *comments war* on several internet boards and specially youtube. Will add too Gamespot with their biased *videos* showing how a game runs on PC/PS4/Xbox-one.
No brainer there, that war is on and more alive than ever. While many may or many not notice that we don’t have enough material to use with such high-end rigs.
Forgot to mention that Dead Rising 3, runs like shi@! and has more issues than GTA 4 when got release for PC that need almost 15 patches to get it right.

PC gaming community is stuck and depending too much from what PS4/Xbox-one could release. You will see many PC games such as: Outlast, Dying light and so on getting released on next-gen consoles. While Microsoft with Xbox-one only decided to *let go* Ryse of Rome and Dead Rising 3.
In some point feels like a *condescending marketing strategy* from big companies, like Sony and MS.
They managed to reach with new hardware a similar performance of some high-end PC gaming rig and that set off another *f-bomb* between fanboys.

War of comments, just plant a seed and watch it grow:

I got tired of watching a fu@$@!$ youtube video and see a huge amount of comments about random guys and girls showing their specs and saying that Next-gen console can’t reach not even close a High-end pc gaming. In every single community happens the same, it’s all about FPS and 1080p and 720p and so on.
If you observe instead of just *look* you probably will notice why so much interaction between users, fighting over nothing and saying *who will emerge victorious*.

Due to lack of gaming content, they just let those fanboys battle to death until they have no *ping* anymore. More they talk, more interaction, more money for each site and so on.
MS and Sony already did they part while joking around about their console specs and what you can do with them. Adding more wood to the fire.
But take your time and check how many games you have on your steam account today and how many you can pre-order to justify expending big amount of money on a high-end PC gaming rig.
Just to play terraria?, make no mistake i love that game but come on..

Even South Park made their part also with several chapters about *Console wars* where Prince Kenny wanted a PS4 while Cartman an Xbox-One.
So the idea from the beginning was to unleash that virtual war between console users and PC gamers and guess what?, so far so good. It’s working perfect.

Next-gen consoles:

I tried both and both work as expected. Played several games on both consoles and noticed as many of you probably nothing *jaw-dropping*, but this last Call of Duty on PS4. Really showed me something that i didn’t experienced before = A new kind of MOCAP (motion capture) that got me hyped for several hours.
I’m not a COD fan but lured me to play and play even more to understand the argument behind that game, even if it’s another *generic FPS*.

Also tried Shadow of Mordor and i got the same feeling: “Why the hell many consumers chose to build some high-end PC gaming rig?”. When you have the same or *best optimized* game on a console for a lower price.
Many got tempted and decided to switch sides. I don’t blame them, PC hardware is NOT cheap specially when you live in a *galaxy far far away* and a next-console specially PS4 is more affordable than a high-end build.

So let’s go a little further into this theory of mine:

I could say that TODAY, next-gen consoles are at the same level of a High-end gaming PC build. I don’t know what will happen in with gaming in general, but one thing for sure gaming constantly keeps changing and evolving and even sometimes trying to go back to those roots that generate certain nostalgia on certain consumers.
Maybe that’s one of many reasons that we see so many *indie games* with a retro touch in them. Cheap and addictive as *gambling*, prices are more than ok and those offers are tempting enough.

Both being at the same level with current gaming content makes you wonder how much next-gen console *life-span* expanded or just shortened or for how many years will last.
We are talking about new hardware on this next-gen consoles focused 90% on gaming and the rest on social-media networking.

So we could say too, that both consoles have their own networks *facebook/twitter-ish* and their primary goal is to share everything you play when you want to.
Select button got removed from PS4 and Xbox-One controllers to add *Share* button to them.

Indeed that hive mind of that “PC Master race” is a lie but a gullible enough to keep the consumer hyped enough to keep buying and buying more.
Also is pretty obvious that a PC is way too different from a gaming console, but this year that line appeared and maybe some didn’t noticed that.

Console = Entertaining system, just buy and download and ready to play and share with your friends.
PC = Work, editing videos and lastly gaming.

Thing is Sony as Microsoft knew that they could go head to head with current hardware for PC in the market. Also they knew that for those prices you could get your PC gaming build AND a console or if you are short with your money. Just buy a PS4 or Xbox-One and you can play to everything avoiding that way expending fortunes on your PC build to make it a fuc@!%$ beast.
And if you go deeper = *Franchises*. Did you see Metal gear Ground Zeroes on PC?, after more than 7 months of being released on multiple consoles?.

Last words:

Sony and Microsoft, accomplished to *label* a 2007 hardware as useless. That’s why you don’t see so many multi-platform releases anymore. For example: AC/UNITY only next-gen and PC. While you have AC:ROGUE for PS3 and Xbox360.
They managed to make believe that a 2007 hardware CAN’T handle another *The last of Us* and people believe in it. I’m not questioning what you do with your money, just asking myself and for those who will probably read this: Why?.

They also accomplished to make a difference and a new breed of console gamers, where social-networking is the main *forte*.
Plus they made those *hard-headed* consumers to doubt if to upgrade their gaming build or just buy a next-gen console.

Last and not less important, PC master race if you read what i wrote above carefully above. It’s a nice lie, executed perfectly just to lure and plant more doubts on average consumers and those loyals ones too.
Kinda obvious that PC gaming will continue no matter what, but this *raw* power of both next-gen showed to the world, was a clear message that you don’t need to invest extra cash in a high-end PC to be the coolest kid on the block or just have fun for a while after a heavy day of work.

No need to deal with several patches for games, PS4 or Xbox-one will do it for you and sometimes without even asking.
No need to deal to wait for your local store to have that game you were searching for, pay for PS plus and you have it *direct-to-drive*.
No more waiting, no need to upgrade, you can change hardrives on both consoles if you want to.

Too many comfort factors with console gaming, while on PC you have to take care what to upgrade what to downgrade, etc.
Gaming industry certainly knows how to plan ahead and they’ve done it perfectly, even with almost ZERO gaming content to deliver to end user.

Next time, think outside of the box for a while and *study* which one you will choose. Either way, PC master race is a lie as next-gen keeps growing in numbers with their products that deliver to the consumer what they need: Just play without too much hassle.



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ODDE, kill confirmed?: Signal the sirens, rally the troops.

Today (or yesterday) Sony said yet again: “Hey guys, we know about your ODE device” with a new optional update 4.65.
Though is not mandatory, probably is just an omen of what’s to come.

A little background story:

ODE devices appeared out of the blue, 3 companies, 3 similar products of different quality but with a common goal.
Fill those demanding consumers libido, handed in silver plate with a nice price tag on it: Also, letting those to play online without being spotted so easy.
With a huge plus that this device works with “Unhackeables” models = 3K and 4K series.

The ones who made this possible, just created a new *breed* of consumers. Clearly this is not a stupid strategy but a well executed one.
Covering a huge range of people who doesn’t want to read nor wait anymore for something else.

Lesser evil:

I still consider this devices a lesser evil in this situation. So far in almost 2 years, many people got bored with playing the *waiting game*.
While PS3 scene made progress and there are many people making contributions to keep it alive, ODDe’s managed to silent those annoying voices.
But also managed to piss off other people who don’t like the idea of emulation and want a free solution to all this.

Creators of this devices, could care less of those opinions. After all people still buy them, not using a morality scale while getting them at expensive prices.

We use our morals, each time we purchase something?:

A good question with a nice analogy.

Picture yourself entering into Puma or Adidas store, just to buy a pair of jeans.
First thing you will probably do, is check the price, size and color and if that jeans will look nice on you.
If you are satisfied with that, you will probably buy it and continue with your daily routine.

But wait…You made a background check BEFORE making that purchase about those two brands?.
I guess if you have an internet connection, you will know about the “Dassler Brothers”.

Even knowing about “Dassler brothers”, people will buy those jeans. Why?, because as consumers they need to fulfil their needs.
And if the product is good enough, who the fu$@! care about if those brands had a shady past?.
You need a new pair of jeans, you buy them end of this history.

Same modus operandi each time we have to buy something. Clearly we don’t use a strict moral code, we don’t need it.
Otherwise will we have to go to a party/work or whatever, naked.

Let’s apply the same example to what happen with ODE too:

1) Do consumers care where it came from?.

Clearly not, if the product works and those features promised are there are more than enough.
They don’t have to struggle if CFW is 10 better and is FREE.

As long as the device work, nobody will bitch about it.
Let’s get back to the topic :P

CFW and ODE: Getting online.

I use my PS3 with CFW OFFLINE and the other with OFW ONLINE. Many of us got tired of make the same reply over and over again about the risks of going online with a modified system.
Which clearly (not the first time we said this nor the last) you are breaking Sony’s TOS.
You’ve read that TOS?, i didn’t. I just use common sense, if my system was modified i will keep it offline at all costs.

Many CFW users will continue to go online, no matter what; without knowing nor caring about WHO founded Sony. Do they need that data?, nope.
If you buy a console is to play with it not to get morally conflicted by their policies.

Yeah, restrictions could by a pain in the arse. But hey, those are the *game rules*. You bought something that if you read carefully, it’s not even yours.

With that in mind, indiscriminate and reckless people will continue to ruin online experience.
After all you don’t need to pay a monthly fee for a subscription to play online. Just get the game, buy some *hacks* and ruin others experience.

ODE users as CFW users, do the same when comes to playing online.
With CFW which is free, going online is not something new. When ODDE’s appeared for the first time, that big promise was to get online without getting spotted.
Meaning less chances of getting hammered faster than blackwidow’s signature move.
So probably while you were in PSN, you played against other ODE and CFW users countless times.

Did you noticed?, could you spot the difference?. Furthermore could you tell which one which was clearly cheating was on CFW and which one was with an ODE?.
I guess not.

PSN will remain free for PS3 users?:

Due to what i mentioned above, countless of illegal accounts accessing to a network where you don’t have to pay unless you want PLUS.
Chances are that Sony probably will get tired of this shi! anytime soon and close it and make an imperative subscription to use their services.
Pretty much like PS4.

Someone who is paying a monthly subscription, i highly doubt it that will jeopardize his account to cheat. Though i won’t discard this idea.
Reckless people make online experience terrible and if they are capable of pay for hacks, i guess they won’t have any *moral issue* while doing that.

ODE, kill confirmed?:

Pretty much i covered most i wanted to say and it’s not a rant per se, but more a point of view which you could agree with or not.
I’m sure that they will block ODE from PSN. This 4.65 optional update was an not-so-encoded message alerting that they watch the traffic on their own network.
Is just a formal *salute to those ODE users*.

When the next update comes out, they will try for the third or 4th time to shorten ODE’s lifespan.
Many people using this device didn’t got caught while going online, until 4.60 update and this one forced them to make some changes.
But, IF the product keeps a fail ratio high enough and their consumers start to whine about not working properly.
ODE companies will have to make a decision, like happened with TB (trueblue) back in time.

Cease official support, cease manufacture process and hide for some months or years until they have something more to make bussines with.

I guess if we see the ODE getting fully blocked, another device will replace it. If they don’t find a workround.
As you may notice, people hating this devices and wanting free solutions those opinions and huge stances against them, Do NOT create awareness. Quite the contrary, more your bash something.
More interesting it gets for many. I guess is human nature, as curiosity killed the cat; some managed to skin it before that to happen.

So signal the sirens and rally the troops. Because next time, we might face another thing we probably don’t like.
No surprises though, happened several times and will continue to happen while we have more and more *uneducated* guests.

With the Lesser evil gone, is the devils’ feast 😉

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PSN en la mira otra vez: Una caída con fines políticos?.

Una vez mas, PSN fallo. Era algo de esperar, no existen sistemas *no vulnerables* pero esta caida fue demasiado rara a mi gusto.
Twitter empezó con una locura en el feed y una persona y/o grupo haciéndose cargo de lo que había sucedido.
Un masivo DDOs (denial of service) que tumbo hasta los servidores de blizzard y LOL.

Llama poderosamente la atención que un twit de dicha cuenta apareciera semejante mensaje:

“Today we planted the ISIS flag on @Sony’s servers #ISIS #jihad.”

Traducido = “Hoy plantamos la bandera de ISIS en los servidores de Sony #ISIS #Jihad.”

La pregunta del millón, era necesario?:

Si bien el DDOs es *aceptado* y utilizado por varios grupos, porque atacar PSN con un mensaje político?.
Suena como el ultimo recurso de alguien que se te esta ahogando para justificar un accionar que le puede traer muchos problemas.
Hay varios motivos para que estos grupos tengan cierto rechazo hacia ciertas empresas, pero después de todo utilizaron una plataforma de gaming para esparcir un mensaje propagandístico.

Personalmente, no le veo justificativo alguno ya que le jodieron la existencia a aquellos que compraron un producto para que este mismo funcione.
Si bien hay una cierta (gran) negligencia por parte de Sony nuevamente, ellos tomaron cartas en el asunto para evitar un fiasco y consecutiva paranoia como paso en el 2011.
Diciendo que, no hubo riesgo alguno de que datos personales se esparcieran.

Aun asi, PSN cayo debido a esos constantes Ddos y de la misma manera lograron levantarla.

Un mensaje del pasado?: 

Hace unos días había publicado sobre el error que estaba teniendo la PS4, un glitch que te dejaba sin acceso a PSN y varios otros problemas. 
Que solo un porcentaje sufrió y no todos.
Capaz que esto ya estaba pasando y funciono como perfecta cortina de humo para que Sony pudiera dar un poco de combate mientras tratan de mantener estable su propia Red.
Si fue asi, era muy evidente que mismo Sony no iban a salir a decir que estaban sufriendo un constante packeteo masivo a sus servidores.

La caída lo que hizo fue agravar la situación, sumado a que esos usuarios que se vieron perjudicados van a pedir ser resarcidos de una forma u otra.
Aun asi no haya filtrado de datos, no debería suceder y sin embargo sucedió nuevamente.

Palabras finales:

Si bien esto no puedo (personalmente) titularlo como *Hacktivismo* ya que no cumple esas reglas o no tiene cierto patrón o rasgos claros.
Fue una patada en la rodilla para varios, afectando al consumidor inicialmente.
Solo para llegar a leer que hasta los problemas que pasan en el mundo, una maniobra como esta se puede *justificar* poniendo una bandera de ISIS, como los responsables de dichos actos, anunciaron.

Ojala, no vuelva a suceder.
Si bien el mundo esta al tanto de lo que sucede alrededor nuestro, es el ultimo espacio de escape a la rutina diaria que nos mata.
Lo ultimo que necesitamos son mensajes de contenido político en las redes en las cuales pagamos para poder acceder a ellas y pagamos por su contenido.
En su TOS o políticas de uso aceptable no aparece que esta permitido o se condona este tipo de actividad.

Dicho esto, que tengan buenas noches.
Si les funciona mal PSN e incluso Xbox Live, ya saben porque fue. Sera cuestión de tiempo hasta que encuentren al responsable o responsables.
Los cuales tendrán menos de 24hs de fama para terminar bien para el orto por una maniobra que no tiene justificativo alguno.

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Que esta pasando con la PS3 y que paso con PS3HAX?: Futuros projectos.

Si bien mi ingles no es el de los mejores, voy a proceder a hacer mi descargo en el segundo idioma con el que mejor me puedo expresar. Solo para aclarar un par de puntos sobre lo que viene sucediendo tanto con la consola PS3 y varios sitios *scene* dedicados específicamente a lo que respecta al “hacking” de dicho aparato.

Una lucha de comunidades donde el idioma Ingles es predominante:

Es algo usual, buscar información en ingles para obtener mejores y mas rápidos resultados ante nuestras dudas, de hecho varios de los mejores tutoriales que andan dando vuelta en estos sitios estan traducidos al ingles o directamente 100% redactados en dicho idioma.
Lo mismo sucede con todo lo técnico referente a la consola, si queremos encontrar un gran caudal de información. Hay que buscarla en Ingles.

Para el que sabe lo básico, puede tornarse bastante problemático. Ya que hay varias cosas, que si bien podemos *intuir* son demasiado puntuales como para poder traducirlas a otros idiomas.
Lamentablemente en varias comunidades (y no solamente dedicadas a esto) el que *habla/escribe* mal Ingles, es automáticamente encasillado como un ignorante.
Eso siempre es un problema, el cual es bastante difícil de erradicar. Yo no tengo porque saber el IDIOMA a la perfección, ni todas sus conjugaciones verbales para que me entiendan.
Los hispano-parlantes hacemos lo imposible para hacernos entender, pero no es retributivo cuando necesitamos algo de ayuda.

Así que sentirse *excluido* es algo normal para nosotros y para los demás es algo normal, hacernos sentir que no *pertenecemos* a un grupo selecto de idiotas por el simple hecho de tener faltas de ortografía cuando ellos manejan solo un Idioma a duras penas saben entenderlo.

Que pasa actualmente con la PS3?:

Esta totalmente estancada, partiendo de lo que enumere arriba. Hay cada vez menos y menos información, debido principalmente a la falta de noticias o material que uno pueda discutir.
Sony finalmente hizo acto de presencia y con la actualización 4.60 bloquearon casi la mayoría de estos dispositivos.
No era necesario ser un *profeta* que esto iba a suceder tarde o temprano, partiendo de la base que la gente compra(ba) ODE por la facilidad de instalación y porque les permite jugar online con sus backups con poco riesgo de baneo. Al menos esa ERA la premisa/objetivo el cual el dispositivo logro hacerlo durante varios meses.

El ODE aparece como una solucion *final* para los que estaban hartos de entrar a PSN con CFW.
Convengamos que a esta altura, cualquier usuario que entre a PSN con CFW. Los riegos de baneo son altisimos.
Sumamos ahora este nuevo firm, el 4.60 y la idea de Sony es bastante clara = “Evitar a cualquier coste, que la gente siga accediendo con sistema modificados a su red.*.

Algo logico y totalmente comprensible desde cualquier punto de vista.
Si tu plan es piratear, mejor mantenete offline.

El otro problema, es que este 2014 no tiene mucho para dar en material juegos. Creo que en total son 3 o 4 titulos que pisaron fuerte y aun asi, fueron productos mediocres los que salieron hasta ahora.

La pregunta es porque pasa esto?:

Todavía no tienen bien definido ni Microsoft ni Sony con sus nuevas consolas = PS4 y Xbox 1. Que van a hacer?.
Entonces en vez de confundir cada vez al consumidor con lo que venían haciendo, sacando juegos para PS3/PS4/Xbox360/Xbox1/Wiiu.
Decidieron tomar la medida de ahora en adelante, de directamente sacarlos para los las consolas *next-gen* y PC.

Entonces podemos decir que el 2014, hasta ahora solo nos deleito con 2 consolas de nueva generación y un catalogo un poco corto para dichos dispositivos.
Al mismo tiempo empujando a aquellos que no esta totalmente decidido en hacer una inversión *bastante* importante en una consola *next-gen*.
Para que adquieran una.

Los precios en America Latina SON UN DESASTRE y esto no es nuevo. Europa y Estados Unidos corren con una mejor suerte en ese sentido.
Esto incluye desde el precio de los accesorios para consola y los juegos que no bajan de los 800 pesos.

Es una época de transición, donde se definira en algun momento cuando la PS3 ya no sea mas redituable.
Los *números* estan hablando y el que compre una PS3 ahora. Es hombre muerto, salvo que la compre por títulos exclusivos de Sony.
Es 10 mil veces menos problemático, conseguir una Xbox360 y cargarle mas de 400 backups sin necesidad de la complejidad que la PS3 tiene con lo que es el CFW.

Dicho esto..

Que paso con y que pasa en PS3hax?:

Mi historia ahí es *rara* desde un principio, lo único que buscaba en internet era información en Ingles para poder entender como era el funcionamiento de la consola en si, y dicho sea de paso como cargar copias.
Me encontré con una comunidad, la cual era y es bastante tolerante y tiene mucha información sobre todo lo relación al *hacking* en PS3.
En un momento debido a mi curiosidad en todos los niveles (no solo en PS3) me ofrecen el puesto de moderador del foro, el cual sostuve por mucho tiempo, peleando reiteradas veces con el idioma. (Ingles).

Mucho tiempo después me ofrecieron la posibilidad de escribir artículos para dicho sitio, lo cual yo accedí ya que desde ese *puesto* yo podría expresar y contribuir de alguna forma directa o indirecta con la comunidad como lo hice siendo un usuario *regular* por mucho tiempo.
Escribí varios artículos desde fines del 2011 y lo sigo haciendo a mi manera, con un Ingles que todavía no se manejar bien. Ya que es mi tercer idioma.

Los problemas empezaron a aparecer y el sitio empezó a decaer, teniendo el sello de *SCENE* lo cual le da cierto respaldo. Debido a constantes *desconexiones* con el administrador del sitio.
Lo cual ahora progresivamente se esta arreglando.

Ese tipo de problemas, tienen un gran impacto en lo que es la comunidad. Como explique arriba, la gran mayoría si bien tienen que hablar en Ingles imperativamente, no todos lo escriben de la misma manera. Entonces el ámbito de *trabajo* se torno dificultoso por varias diferencias pero mas en el aspecto administrativo del sitio que con los propios usuarios.
Conjunto con un par de diferencias MAS con los usuarios con lo que uno *trabaja*, llamado *staf (staff)*.

Hasta que hace unos meses me otorgaron el cargo de administración, sin pedirlo. Lamentablemente una persona quedo ofendida por esto. (no se puede dejar contento a todo el mundo).
Algo notable es que esta persona era la *cara* de la comunidad, pero por motivos personales que a mi realmente no me interesan en lo mas minimo. Decide irse para no volver mas a su puesto.

Es entendible que varios que hablan un Ingles fluido, estén enojado que un Hispano este a cargo de un sitio *SCENE*.
También esta el gran problema de que siempre el anterior fue y sera el mejor, la intención no es superar a nadie y menos en un sitio de internet. Donde uno esta o al menos yo estoy para aprender todos los días un poquito mas sobre noticias en general sobre lo que la PS3/PS4.
Desde el lado técnico, hasta las ultimas noticias de gaming en general. Esa es la idea.

Poco me importa lo que digan de mi estando en ese puesto, se que las comunidades llegan a un punto donde o el sitio muere o pueden seguir progresando.
Eso depende mucho del esfuerzo en conjunto de las personas que la integran.

Pero gente resentida y con graves problemas de comportamiento en general, hay en todos lados. Internet lo unico que hace es potenciarlos.
Yo seguire estando hasta que la situación con PS3HAX se regularice o hasta que el dueño decida hacer otra cosa o dejar las cosas como estan.
Despues de todo, mi experiencia en PS3HAX siempre tuve en cuenta que no era una pieza fundamental para que el sitio siga funcionando.

En realidad nadie lo es, la ultima palabra siempre la tiene el dueño.
Son cargos u ordenes jerárquicos que son otorgados por demostrar que uno es capaz de mantener cierto ritmo.

Es lamentable la actitud de varios usuarios en los cuales uno confio y ver que lo unico que hicieron todo este tiempo, en vez de pedir por un cambio o un ajuste para que el sitio y su comunidad funcionaran mejor, una vez que esto sucede o sea el cambio. Decida bajarse, pero bueno cada loco con su librito.

A mi no me hace mas o menos persona.

Pero si uno no comprende desde el principio que emprende algo para ayudar a los demas y ven y se dan cuenta que no le estan pagando con la misma moneda.
Ya sea desde el punto de vista de respeto por cierta antiguedad, lo mejor es irse. Lo cual dicha persona no lo hizo y comenzo a hacer reclamos los cuales ya fueron charlados reiteradas veces.
Sin obtener buenos resultados.

Asi es internet. 🙂

Mis futuros projectos:

Actualmente, estoy trabajando (si, trabajando) para en mi sitio hace varios meses. Mi idea es hacer una comunidad HISPANA dedicada a esto y al gaming y a la musica.
Lo cual es bastante dificil ponerlo en practica especialmente por el precio de las licencias de los productos que deseo utilizar.
Hace meses vengo investigando en hosting correria mejor y despues tengo que ajustar lo que ya tengo hecho.

Asi que en unos meses, sabran por mi que dominio voy a utilizar entre tantas otras yerbas.
Esta tomando mucho tiempo debido a eso, muchos ajustes y practicamente solo me voy a mandar. La idea es tener una covertura en todo sentido.

Veremos que sale y es un projecto de unos tanto que tengo en mente, el cual no esta afiliado en ninguna parte con lo que hice antes.

Dicho todo esto, les deseo un buen dia o noche.


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“No hay retrocompabilidad en la PS4 para los juegos de PS3 o sea que todo lo que gastaste hasta ahora para poder jugar a los últimos títulos te los vas a tener que perder en el @$%%”

“No hay retroco…

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Open letter to Sony: SCEA

Well Sony, i will treat you like an individual or person (to make ir more easy to read) but you are a big enterprise ergo a Big boy.
I know im a number on your design board.

But you know what? :
I will remark what i’ve done for you as a buyer and what you do for me as company.

1) Buy your system, to then have OtherOS option removed.

I can relate to that, i can feel that you was afraid of the option of installing an open source SO was annoying to you.
Hence you was *harmed* by that open source, and then what did you do?.
Close your doors and not anyone to enter your *world*.

2) Get *fresh* titltes to play in PSN.

At first i was happy to play with online with my friends and almost forgot the option that you removed because you wanted so. (I respect that).
But then PSN was hacked back on 2011, since then i can trust you anymore.
Im not angry, im just disappointed by the fact that private data saw the light and get in hands of users with dubious intententions.

In fact hence what happened i was *naive* enought to keep using PSN.

3) Get nice new content on my PS3 browsing in PS3 Store.

Shame that i don’t live in US or UK to get access to the nice features that PSN has.
It’s a shame too that not even a decent browser was placed and in can’t even see the youtube videos that i love in HQ.

4) I even bought more original games.

With the sad story, that the franchises that you have are getting more *slim* as the time passes.
I am missing something or it seems that you are blind, but not like that lady with the scale. Just blind by your own means, you don’t want to see.

5) Homebrews.

Why i can’t have them?, you allow dongles like TRUE-BLUE that condones piracy and still i see nothing happened to them.
But instead you shutdown with your TOS among other things any possibility to run Homebrews with a lame reason that Homebrews are piracy and you being silent i take that dongles don’t.

6) Secure, Insecurity.

If you are so insecure, don’t make me feel that way too. Since i know you have flaws (many to count them) but i will be a bad friend if i tell them all.
I can keep secrets, seems that you don’t know how to do it.
Your IMPERATIVE updates are for secure yourself, not to secure my privacy/data/saves/trophys/psn games/etc.

This is how i feel about you:
You being blinded by some reason that i don’t care but still i buy your products.
You even don’t let my install my ORIGINAL backups on the hardrive. (like microsoft has that option).

You are being rude, and stubborn.
But i love you.
And i always love you, because you gave so many material to play with and then removed it, restricted, and censored it because you wanted that way.

Im not mad, but i don’t fully understand you.

Sincerily yours.

A PS3 User.




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