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Onitatsuo finalmente abrió sus puertas:

Después de varios meses de inactividad y configuraciones. Finalmente el sitio esta abierto para el que quiera registrarse.

En que consiste Onitatsuo?:

Es una comunidad abierta para todo aquel que desee contribuir. La base es esa, el sitio se nutre de lo que el usuario tenga para aportar.
Ese material puede ser de cualquier tipo por ejemplo:

1) Investigaciones independientes.
2) Pseudo periodismo.
3) Hacking: Grey/white/black.
4) Cine.
5) Música.
6) Consolas, investigación y noticias sobre las mismas. Especialmente del lado de Sony = PS3/PS4. (por el momento)
7) Teorías conspirativas.
8) Escritos.
9) Medicina.

Cual es la estructura del sitio?:

Por el momento estamos utilizando Worpress y cuenta también con un foro.
La plataforma wordpress va a ser utilizada por el momento para los artículos mas relevantes, mientras que la funcionalidad del foro es utilizada para discutir sobre dichos temas.
También tenemos una pagina en facebook, una cuenta de twitter y en un mes desde ahora un canal de youtube.

El objetivo es tener un amplia cobertura de utilidades para que el usuario las utilize como guste.

El código *Spectre*:

El batallón Spectre van a ser aquellos que sean parte de la comunidad , existiendo una división entre ellos.

1) Los que contribuyen con artículos hechos por ellos mismos o información que puede ser utilizada para ciertas ocasiones.
2) Los que desean utilizar métodos convencionales o no tan convencionales para proporcionar temas con un alto contenido de debate.

Mas adelante esta idea sera desarrollada en mas profundidad a medida que la gente se sienta interesada en participar en este projecto.

Sin muchos mas que agregar por el momento les dejo el link a nuestro sitio.


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[Editorial] PC Master race vs Next-gen consoles: Both are a f$@!$ lie.

I saw many people upgrading their rigs with some expensive hardware parts, such as = VGA (Video cards) and PSU’s to keep with those electricity consuming bastards. Same goes with CPU’s specially AMD FX which those consume 125w to 200w with the Vishera 9320 and memory sticks up to 16gb or even more.

Personally i did an upgrade but only CPU and a VGA, thus from my understanding if you are preparing for a *World war 3 of gaming* you don’t need that much. Specially when game catalogue is more poor than Vita.

So let’s dissect some several logical reasons why PC gamers are expending huge bucks on their gaming rigs and why some just simple decided to switch to next-gen consoles.

PC gaming:

This year was and still is the most scarce one in gaming material, 2 *titans* appear with their new products = *next-gen* and they made virtual revolution.
As a PC gamer more than a console one, i felt that i was falling behind with my almost 3 years old hardware. So i thought to myself and decided to upgrade what i could and leave the rest for a near future.
When i started to make some *numbers*, suddenly realized that several people who are currently following that wagon of being a “marketing whore”, decided to bet even higher not in changing several parts for upgrade but build something new. Funny fact, that building a high-end PC for gaming purposes is way too expensive and for that price you could get a PS4 or Xbox-One or both.

Then you have a constant *comments war* on several internet boards and specially youtube. Will add too Gamespot with their biased *videos* showing how a game runs on PC/PS4/Xbox-one.
No brainer there, that war is on and more alive than ever. While many may or many not notice that we don’t have enough material to use with such high-end rigs.
Forgot to mention that Dead Rising 3, runs like shi@! and has more issues than GTA 4 when got release for PC that need almost 15 patches to get it right.

PC gaming community is stuck and depending too much from what PS4/Xbox-one could release. You will see many PC games such as: Outlast, Dying light and so on getting released on next-gen consoles. While Microsoft with Xbox-one only decided to *let go* Ryse of Rome and Dead Rising 3.
In some point feels like a *condescending marketing strategy* from big companies, like Sony and MS.
They managed to reach with new hardware a similar performance of some high-end PC gaming rig and that set off another *f-bomb* between fanboys.

War of comments, just plant a seed and watch it grow:

I got tired of watching a fu@$@!$ youtube video and see a huge amount of comments about random guys and girls showing their specs and saying that Next-gen console can’t reach not even close a High-end pc gaming. In every single community happens the same, it’s all about FPS and 1080p and 720p and so on.
If you observe instead of just *look* you probably will notice why so much interaction between users, fighting over nothing and saying *who will emerge victorious*.

Due to lack of gaming content, they just let those fanboys battle to death until they have no *ping* anymore. More they talk, more interaction, more money for each site and so on.
MS and Sony already did they part while joking around about their console specs and what you can do with them. Adding more wood to the fire.
But take your time and check how many games you have on your steam account today and how many you can pre-order to justify expending big amount of money on a high-end PC gaming rig.
Just to play terraria?, make no mistake i love that game but come on..

Even South Park made their part also with several chapters about *Console wars* where Prince Kenny wanted a PS4 while Cartman an Xbox-One.
So the idea from the beginning was to unleash that virtual war between console users and PC gamers and guess what?, so far so good. It’s working perfect.

Next-gen consoles:

I tried both and both work as expected. Played several games on both consoles and noticed as many of you probably nothing *jaw-dropping*, but this last Call of Duty on PS4. Really showed me something that i didn’t experienced before = A new kind of MOCAP (motion capture) that got me hyped for several hours.
I’m not a COD fan but lured me to play and play even more to understand the argument behind that game, even if it’s another *generic FPS*.

Also tried Shadow of Mordor and i got the same feeling: “Why the hell many consumers chose to build some high-end PC gaming rig?”. When you have the same or *best optimized* game on a console for a lower price.
Many got tempted and decided to switch sides. I don’t blame them, PC hardware is NOT cheap specially when you live in a *galaxy far far away* and a next-console specially PS4 is more affordable than a high-end build.

So let’s go a little further into this theory of mine:

I could say that TODAY, next-gen consoles are at the same level of a High-end gaming PC build. I don’t know what will happen in with gaming in general, but one thing for sure gaming constantly keeps changing and evolving and even sometimes trying to go back to those roots that generate certain nostalgia on certain consumers.
Maybe that’s one of many reasons that we see so many *indie games* with a retro touch in them. Cheap and addictive as *gambling*, prices are more than ok and those offers are tempting enough.

Both being at the same level with current gaming content makes you wonder how much next-gen console *life-span* expanded or just shortened or for how many years will last.
We are talking about new hardware on this next-gen consoles focused 90% on gaming and the rest on social-media networking.

So we could say too, that both consoles have their own networks *facebook/twitter-ish* and their primary goal is to share everything you play when you want to.
Select button got removed from PS4 and Xbox-One controllers to add *Share* button to them.

Indeed that hive mind of that “PC Master race” is a lie but a gullible enough to keep the consumer hyped enough to keep buying and buying more.
Also is pretty obvious that a PC is way too different from a gaming console, but this year that line appeared and maybe some didn’t noticed that.

Console = Entertaining system, just buy and download and ready to play and share with your friends.
PC = Work, editing videos and lastly gaming.

Thing is Sony as Microsoft knew that they could go head to head with current hardware for PC in the market. Also they knew that for those prices you could get your PC gaming build AND a console or if you are short with your money. Just buy a PS4 or Xbox-One and you can play to everything avoiding that way expending fortunes on your PC build to make it a fuc@!%$ beast.
And if you go deeper = *Franchises*. Did you see Metal gear Ground Zeroes on PC?, after more than 7 months of being released on multiple consoles?.

Last words:

Sony and Microsoft, accomplished to *label* a 2007 hardware as useless. That’s why you don’t see so many multi-platform releases anymore. For example: AC/UNITY only next-gen and PC. While you have AC:ROGUE for PS3 and Xbox360.
They managed to make believe that a 2007 hardware CAN’T handle another *The last of Us* and people believe in it. I’m not questioning what you do with your money, just asking myself and for those who will probably read this: Why?.

They also accomplished to make a difference and a new breed of console gamers, where social-networking is the main *forte*.
Plus they made those *hard-headed* consumers to doubt if to upgrade their gaming build or just buy a next-gen console.

Last and not less important, PC master race if you read what i wrote above carefully above. It’s a nice lie, executed perfectly just to lure and plant more doubts on average consumers and those loyals ones too.
Kinda obvious that PC gaming will continue no matter what, but this *raw* power of both next-gen showed to the world, was a clear message that you don’t need to invest extra cash in a high-end PC to be the coolest kid on the block or just have fun for a while after a heavy day of work.

No need to deal with several patches for games, PS4 or Xbox-one will do it for you and sometimes without even asking.
No need to deal to wait for your local store to have that game you were searching for, pay for PS plus and you have it *direct-to-drive*.
No more waiting, no need to upgrade, you can change hardrives on both consoles if you want to.

Too many comfort factors with console gaming, while on PC you have to take care what to upgrade what to downgrade, etc.
Gaming industry certainly knows how to plan ahead and they’ve done it perfectly, even with almost ZERO gaming content to deliver to end user.

Next time, think outside of the box for a while and *study* which one you will choose. Either way, PC master race is a lie as next-gen keeps growing in numbers with their products that deliver to the consumer what they need: Just play without too much hassle.



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“No hay retrocompabilidad en la PS4 para los juegos de PS3 o sea que todo lo que gastaste hasta ahora para poder jugar a los últimos títulos te los vas a tener que perder en el @$%%”

“No hay retroco…

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