The Ninth Realm:

No one could retrieve that forged sword, as time passes corruption is in the air. The *Groed entity* which is not dead nor alive, took over 4 fronts or even more. Wiping most of their defenses.
The battle is finally lost, sire?.

Many managed to exile from their shelters to other grounds, which they can reclaim as their own. But *Cerberus* still guards those portals and will continue with just one eye open and feed no matter what.
Remains a mystery if those *plebeians* already knew about some kind of master plan behind it or they just ignored several facts about them.
Maybe ignorance is a bliss.

Several broken swords were found in those lower places, where some traded such beauties for some coins. Those swords had their owners and their spirit still remains on them.
Meanwhile, sire. Some twisted *Aristocracy* play *chess* and drink *tea* while they just send *soldiers* just to perish for we thought for a long time, a good cause or just a corrupted one?.
We lost reason and progress is measured by the King’s without crown abacus.

I don’t know sire, for how long this *Groed entity* will continue to expand over many other realms and we don’t know if many other grounds over many other realms will finally meet their maker.
All we know so far, that *one* giving orders to *others*.
And those who like to control, will continue to feed *Cerberus*.

My journey continues to the Ninth realm.



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