Don’t *Next-gen* me:

Console wars, gaming wars, fuck your wars. I have my own battles.
Each time i read about a new game, that is not even closer to 2012/2013. What we have now?, just plain and dull eye-candy for our eyelids.

Everyone is going *indie* and *retro*:

I guess nostalgia is a good thing, but not good as you may think. Specially when in the past they pictured 2014 as the *future* of hover-boards and flying cars.
Gamers to the bones stumble time and time again with the same stone. Let’s go back in time, let’s play some: Day of the tentacle, Maniac Mansion, etc.

It’s cool though, those were games where you have to use your imagination a little bit and read more. Instead of having everything *sucker-punched* into your face.
Kinda hipster if you ask me. lol, nothing wrong with that.


Silent Hill(s) and MGS V:

This two games will probably make a difference, a huge one. They *promised* us more realism, more to connect to.
I have to say, that P.T scared and frustrated at the same time the shit out of me. Good playable teaser with AWESOME graphics.
But it’s not all about those graphics..

I mean when i was playing P.T, i felt that i was on that dark place. Not showing that much to the spectator is always a good move for starters.
Your mind starts to wonder, WTF happened in that place and why you are being haunted by a *cute* female character all over the fucking place!.

Random sounds effects, radio interference. Yeah, that is clearly a message: *WELCOME AND YOU ARE IN SILENT HILL, DELUDED PIECE OF SHIT*.
No enough time to react, not enough time. You run in circles or in a maze. My thing i played.

About MGS V…Just waiting for it.

As you may notice, i just spoke about two triple A games. Which both are from the same guy: Hideo Kojima.

Don’t *Next-gen* me:

Seriously, I’ve watched almost 10 youtube video-rants about this not being *next-gen*. Well no shit SHERLOCK. This is NOT next-gen.
Is a computer, with an exclusive CPU. Pick your poison = PS4 or Xbox-1.
Those have a nice case though, still heavy console gamers are scratching their heads about how the *console* part concept started to get more and more fucked up.

If PS4 hardware on video terms is equivalent to a 270x R9, then is OUTDATED.
Now, if game studios and devs can do the same shit that they’ve done with PS3 and Xbox360. Doing *miracles* with a 2007 hardware.
Well, I guess it’s up to them to perform more magic tricks.

This is NOT next-gen to me. All i see is cool ENGINES and not so much content delivered to the end users.
But wait..what if you can actually UPGRADE your PS4 memory or wait..what IF you can UPDGRADE your PS4 hardware EXCEPT the CPU?.
Then the PS4 is no longer a console, is a gaming system closer to a PC than many fanboys think.

Oh well, asking too much i guess.

Beggars can’t be choosers.



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