One shall fall, one shall stand: PS3HAX

As many may know, PS3hax website suffered a great loss. The departure of one of the most emblematic members, Gregoryrasputin (Aka = El ruso).
He already gave his reasons about why he getting out of Hax.

But i would like to get out of my chest and detail at least what happened from my side.

HAX administration issues:

Well, there’s nothing new. Many ex-staff members struggled trough years, to make changes due to what i called an *absentee landlord* syndrome.
If the owner/s of the site didn’t care about their most loyal members request, well there’s not much to add to that.
Thing is that many internal fixes had to be done in order to see some progress and staff members as well as ex-staff, felt that they were left alone.
Those reiterating requests were denied or just ignored. (or both)
Which in some point brought the community integrity and many times, site infrastructure at the verge of collapse.

One man army:

Gregoryrasputin, back in 2008 decided to take some serious time and effort to keep the site alive with news.
After all they key to success in a community is interaction, if you don’t have enough material for users to debate those will start to lose interest.
He worked for many years and achieved to be recognized as a leader.
As a lurker back in 2009/2010. HAX was my favourite site as PSX to check about PS3 SCENE news.
His name was all over the place, but oddly enough owners name was there but not so active as Greg.
Nothing distracting though, as any regular member. One gets used to see the same user posting quality content time and time again.

2011, year of *promotion*:

In 2011 i got promoted to moderator, along with other 3 members. Which until today they are active in the community.
It took me sometime to get use to English, though as is not my native language. Actually is my second.
Also took me sometime to try to blend in and find my place, until later that year. Greg decided to tell the owner if i could write along him. By doing so, becoming an s-mod like him.

To be honest, i’m still grateful about that but i didn’t know what i was getting to.
There was so much about internal issues that i didn’t know and many times i felt like a shadow. Against all odds, i tried time and time again to *better* my broken-english.
Sometimes with awful results and heavy bashing by even members of the community, that they felt they needed an English native writer (and mod) but sometimes being to harsh towards my virtual persona.

overtime i lost energy, Greg and other members in staff gave a me boost. To keep trying and so on.

HAX was a place to learn:

I learn a lot by being in HAX, i mean i was in other online communities but using my other 2 native languages is a lot easier to me to express my feelings towards something.
So i had to adapt or bail. I choose to adapt myself and earn that place as big THANKS to those ones who choose to trust in me.
My articles never were polluted by other people thoughts, that’s what i loved from HAX. I could speak freely with nobody telling me what to think nor to write.
Ergo no one breathing in my neck to correct something or just following an editorial line.

I just wanted to learn more about a PS3 system, like I’ve done with other projects that are not nearly related to consoles.
Until i started to *suffer* on later 2013 and this year that my energy was running low.
After all we have our lives to live and our dreams outside the interwebs, our problems to solve and our inner demons to tame.

Even so, HAX was and is my home. I’m a very thankful and correct individual. In the interwebs as the in real life.


Our material, was not ours:

All that Greg done along 7 years or even more. Was not his, nor my articles that i’ve done since i was promoted in 2011 to s-mod.
To found out that staff is disposable, is something *sad*. Because you invested time and effort to make that material.
That lack of communication with the owners become a big issue, till the point that i was worried about our accounts getting wiped from the face of the net.
Make no mistake, not worried about losing some reputation or that so-called *e-fame*.
I got a goal in mind, make HAX a better place and so staff members and members of the community keep it what it was.
Something RAW and free.

I think we achieved that as a group in some point, but our complaints still were not *loud* enough or ignored.
So news material started to get scarce and energy to make something was not there and you know the rest.
Plus, while having other projects in mind and working on them, started to crisp our nerves.

HAX today:

With Greg gone, there’s a huge a gap which can’t be filled nor want to be filled.
Nobody can argue about his hard work all this years and he done more than enough to keep a site alive ASKING nothing in return.
I followed in some way those same steps, though i’m a different person with different views. So i don’t know what the future may bring to the site.

Final words:

I don’t regret nothing that I’ve done in HAX, yeah i fucked up twice but those were honest mistakes.
Because i learned more that i wanted from a PS3 system, by helping others and i learned what means to work along with others that may have strong stances and different points of view.
Even so, the climate to work with those rock solid staff members and the community was a big thing.
Always pushing forward and delivering the users fresh content, RAW and debatable one.

Today my account has a distinctive color, which is the burden to me to carry (virtually speaking).
I didn’t choose to be there, but a part of me doesn’t want to bail. Like others done in the past due lack of respect towards them.
Just to keep that work or legacy, *safe* as long the site is alive.

I learned that communities always reach a *peak* so to speak, where some of us decide to part ways by our personal reasons.
It’s not the end of the world and we know it. So i hope, that the ones who probably will come after us. Will take care of what could be avoided before.

I don’t care about the outcome today, i have my projects to keep working on.

This being said, i have nothing more to add.
Just to say thanks to those who trusted in me and those who bashed me too along those years.
My learning process was rough, but hey! let’s keep those positive things to ourselves 🙂

Filled with typos because i don’t want to check them, i will keep updating my blog.

Cya in the other side of the net.




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